When people walk through my door for therapy, they do not come in asking how to love themselves more, or how to find world peace or change their community. More often than not, it is a result of a crisis, their life is not working in some way, they have been hurt or in some kind of emotional or physical pain, and want some way of stopping the pain.

And whilst I agree that feeling pain is one of the most uncomfortable things we can ever encounter – I also believe that it is through our pain and through the experiences that bring us to therapy that the truth of who we really are can be revealed so that eventually we find acceptance and peace about who we are, what we have experienced and how we can move forward with our life.

Wanting to be loved never disappears, and neither should it, as just like hunger it is our biological need for love that keeps us human and hopeful that the world can be a better place.

Yet, to move forward as a human being and to grow into our full potential, we must first want to be different. However, if everything is going just fine in our lives, why would we ever seek change and how could we ever evolve?  Which takes us right back to why feeling dissatisfied is essential to human growth as to feel dissatisfied with aspects of ourself or of the world around us, we are given the opportunity to change.  This without a doubt is the first requirement of personal and then collective evolution and transformation.

Yet often the first thing we do when we feel dissatisfied is try to avoid what we are feeling or fill ourselves up with things that we think will make us happy. Yet, all this causes is a disconnection between what our discomfort is trying to make us be aware of and ignore the vital cues that actually help us evolve and transform ourselves.

Avoiding Pain

Avoiding feeling discomfort causes blockage between what we are feeling and how we are living and unfortunately we can not avoid feeling our pain without anesthetising our ability to feel love. However, when we can accept that love and pain are equal in their right to be felt and experienced –  and that each one holds their own ability to lead us somewhere new, only then can we make the changes we so desperately need to make to move forward with our life.

With Sensorium Therapy we work on the premise that we are an accumulation of everything that has and hasn’t happened to us in our life, and that through conscious awareness and mindfulness the real truth of all our experiences (good and bad) will lead us into an area of growth that has the capacity to change the way we live.

However, when a traumatic memory is triggered, it can often be quite overwhelming and the first thing we want to do is make it go away. This tactic means that emotions and feelings that are difficult to deal with get “stuffed away” in our bodies and in our thoughts until at some point we realise that we are living with even fewer opportunities and space in our mind and in our body to create the life we really want to live.

Yet the truth is – whatever we do and wherever we go  –  our bodies and our experiences go with us, and there is absolutely no way we can separate our thoughts from what we encounter in life. The accidents and broken bones we have live in our body, as does the history of our relationships and experiences.

But when we learn, like mindfulness teaches us, to be present and accept all our emotions as real and meaningful –  we can then begin to live more in the moment, which allows movement and flow to occur – not just in our thoughts but in our lives and relationships too. We find we have more energy to focus on the things we love,  because we are no longer using our energy to repress our discomfort. And we discover that both our lives and our truth are more in tune with our self and others around us.

The cure for pain is in the pain ~ for these pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.

Want To Find Out More?

Sensorium Therapy is a holistic Mind-Body approach to mindfulness, therapy and meditation that works on the scientific and therapeutic belief that our body and our subconscious mind holds our emotions and experiences, even long after the events we experienced in life have expired.

It is a therapy that is used in a crises, when we feel we can no longer cope with our feelings of depression, anxiety or panic and also as a process to uncover our true meaning, purpose and journey in life.

Based on the scientific premise and ancient healing philosophy that past experiences and emotions are physically stored in our bodies. Sensorium Therapy works with touch, body psychotherapy, mindfulness and verbal expression of your sensations – so you can learn to connect with and release stored feelings of loss, anxiety, emotional and physical pain.

Developed from Zara Cordella’s own experiences of healing and her 20 years of training and development in mind-body therapy, Zara now sees people from all over the north-east of england for private therapy at her healing centre in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear.

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