Sensorium Therapy is a holistic Mind-Body approach to healing that works on the scientific and therapeutic belief that our body holds our emotions and experiences, even long after the events we experienced in life have expired.  It is a therapy that is used in a crises, when we feel we can no longer cope with our feelings of despair, depression or anxiety and also as a process to uncover our true meaning, purpose and journey in life.

Based on the scientific premise and ancient healing philosophy that past experiences and emotions are physically stored in our bodies, Sensorium Therapy works with touch, mindfulness and verbal expression of your sensations so you can learn to connect with and release stored feelings of loss, anxiety, physical illness and pain, depression and sadness.


Bringing the Body into the Therapy Room

One of the main premises of mind-body therapy is that our body is part of our subconscious mind and that when we bring our body into the therapeutic process, we are able to make a more positive impact on the treatment of depression, anxiety and stored emotional and physical issues because we are working with the very place these issues have been stored. Your body.

And while it has been known for thousands of years that our body stores all our experiences within its structure and cells, it is only in recent years that scientific study has been able to understand how this occurs.

We now therefore stand on the brink of a whole new way of treating emotional and physical problems, with therapies like Sensorium Therapy standing out as one of the main components of helping people find their way through the emotional, physical and spiritual challenges that life presents to us.

The Purpose of Sensorium Therapy

The purpose of Sensorium Therapy is to explore issues that you don’t generally talk about with others, such as the hidden truth about your relationships, experiences and feelings, and then seeing and feeling where these are stored within the structure of your body. The treatment itself is both safe and relaxing and combines both talking and bodywork therapy into one holistic approach that works on all levels of your concious and subconcious thoughts and experiences.

And because Sensorium Therapy works on resolving both your emotional and physical issues, people who have chosen Sensorium Therapy have said that it has been one of the most powerful and healing transformations they have ever encountered.

Benefits of Mind – Body Therapy

  • The discovery and release of both emotional and physical blockages
  • The discovery of where your past painful experiences are held in your body, and in turn, how to release them so you experience positive transformation of your negative thoughts and behaviour patterns
  • Learning and dicovering new ways of breathing, understanding your body and dealing with stress
  • Help in discovering new ways to manage pain, weight, hormonal issues, anxiety and other mind-body disfunctions
  • Regulation and quieting down of your bodys nervous system so that when you are faced with stressful situations you can deal with them in ways that will not overwhelm or upset you
  • The discovery of how awareness, mindfulness and somatic meditation can change the way you live, breathe and relate to others.

About Your Therapist

Developed by Zara Cordella from her many years of therapeutic practice in mind-body training and her own journey of healing, Sensorium Therapy is a hands-on somatic (body) therapy which works with “the whole truth of who you are and what you have experienced“ by incorporating into it’s practice a deep state of relaxation and mindfulness so that instead of rewriting or covering up “painful stored emotions” you instead release your negative thoughts and behaviours.

Sensorium Therapy works with the cellular memory of your body and the primal, Limbic (emotional) parts of your brain. It is based on the principle that all our life experiences are held within our body, often without our awareness, and that by using simple dialogue, enquiry into our emotions and bodywork therapy, the issue whether it be of mental, emotional or physical origin can be brought to the surface and released so that our body and mind can be restored to it's natural state of health.

What Conditions is Sensorium Therapy Beneficial For?

All conditions have the potential to benefit from Sensorium Therapy as it is a holistic treatment that deals with both physical and emotional issues. However, it is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from or who have experienced any kind of anxiety, fear, panic, disconnection from life, depression, physical pain or illness.

How can I book a Session and how much will it cost?

Sessions of Sensorium Therapy with Zara Cordella can be booked today by clicking here or calling Zara direct on 07756 336606.

A 2 hour appointment which includes one hour of Sensorium bodywork therapy plus one hour of counselling therapy currently costs just £48.00. (concessions available, please just ask)

Where to Find Us.

Zara Cordella holds her Sensorium Therapy sessions within her private therapy rooms at The SYNERGY Healing Centre in Whitley Bay, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear.

We are very easy to find and have free parking outside and around the building.

You are welcome to bring a friend or someone to support you as there is a fully equipped reception area with free tea and coffee available for those who are waiting.

If you would like to read more about Sensorium Therapy before you arrive – please go to our articles and posts pages by clicking here.

If you would like to book your appointment now then please call Zara direct on 07756 336606 or go to our online booking form.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.