Based on the scientific premise and ancient healing philosophy that past experiences and emotions are physically stored in our bodies, sensorium therapy works with touch, movement, holding, mindfulness and verbal expression of your sensations so you can learn to connect with and release your suppressed emotions and any corresponding pain.

Sensorium therapy was developed by Zara Cordella from her many years of therapeutic practice in mind-body training and her own journey of healing. And unlike NLP, counselling or mainstream talking therapies is a hands-on bodywork therapy which works with “the whole truth of who you are” by incorporating into it’s practice a deep state of relaxation and mindfulness through touch and movement of your body to “release painful stored emotions” so that instead of rewriting negative thoughts or behaviours you release your negative thoughts and behaviours.

Sensorium Therapy works with the cellular memory of your body and the primal, Limbic (emotional) part of your brain. It is based on the principal that all our life experiences are held in the body, often without our awareness, and that by using simple dialogue, enquiry into our emotions and bodywork, the issue whether it be of mental, emotional or physical origin is cleared and the body restored to it's natural state of health.

Sensorium Therapy involves discovering how to listen too and connect with the sensations and experiences that are stored within your body so that you can re-connect with the “whole truth” of who you are and what you value. It meets you “where you are” and tunes not only into your mind and thinking, but also to your feelings and your intuition. In short, all of who you have been and all of who you are.

No matter how much we deny, redefine or push away from our past negative experiences, the body does not forget.

Sessions of sensorium therapy with Zara usually consist of 40 minutes to one hour of deep bodywork therapy with 40 minutes to one hour of talking about your experiences so that the sensations that have arisen during your bodywork treatment can be integrated and understood.

The aim of sensorium therapy is to help you take what you discover on the massage table out into the real world of your life, relationships and work and transfer your learning into real opportunities that offer growth and transformation.

The treatment itself takes place in a beautiful peaceful room with a padded massage table with you lying under a large towel or blanket. Underwear and additional clothing (if desired) can be worn and your comfort and dignity are assured at all times. Zara using her sensing hands and experience of anatomy and physiology will gently locate areas of emotional and physical tension within your body and work gently to release and free the energy behind it.

This release and letting go of your past stored emotions is often achieved during the bodywork treatment itself when a memory, sensation or emotion linked to a past event or experience will surface during your session. However unlike other therapies this is felt and experienced as a positive release as both you and your body are being fully supported during its emergence.

The experience of the hands on treatment is both relaxing and therapeutic and involves the use of warm organic oils, hot natural stones and the experienced hands of a massage therapist and energy healer. During the treatment you may drift off into a place of peaceful meditation or fall into a deep, deep state of relaxation, however what is always assured is that whatever occurs for you is unique and relevant to what you need to deal with in that moment.

All conditions have the potential to benefit from sensorium therapy as it is a holistic treatment that deals with both physical and emotional issues. However, it is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from or who have experienced any kind of anxiety, fear, panic, disconnection from life, depression or physical manifestation of a deep emotional pain.

The benefits of sensorium therapy include:

• Rebalancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system so that issues such as anxiety, panic attacks and negative patterns of feeling intense emotions in the body can be relieved.
• Discovering and learning deep new states of relaxation and restoration.
• Learning how to connect with sensations in your body so that you can gain a greater sense of why and how you can deal with past, present and future experiences.
• Discovering new ways to deal with and resolve weight issues, eating disorders and other self harming and limiting behaviour patterns.
• Pain relief
• Relief of internal negative thinking patterns
• Release of muscular tension
• Increased self awareness and mindfulness
• Increased body awareness
• Emotional and physical recovery from illness and surgical interventions
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related sensations of fear, anger, depression and anxiety
• Release of feel good hormones
• Balance of endocrine system which aids with menopause, fertility and PMS

Appointments are currently available Monday to Friday with Zara at The Synergy Healing Centre in Whitley Bay, 10am until 7pm and are priced according to your individual circumstances. (Sliding scale of £38.00 to £48.00 is the usual price most clients need to pay for a 1 hour and 20 minute appointment and between £48.00 and £68.00 for a 2 hour appointment.)

To book your appointment or find out more about how sensorium therapy can help you then please contact Zara direct on 07756 3366 06 or use the online contact form by clicking here.