“Be kind to yourself”

I first went to seek Zara’s help when I was in a mess suffering from severe anxiety and unable to work. She brought me through the toughest of times. I would go to meet her shaking and came out feeling able to cope.

So what makes a good therapist. It’s got to start with compassion and Zara is effortlessly kind and has the ability to make you feel important. I also needed hope that everything changes and I would come through the other side. Zara provided oodles of positivity.

Whilst a very good listener, what Zara taught me was a better way of thinking. More relaxed and thought through. Whilst based on mindfulness, that’s only the start. Essentially I feel like I have been reset and I’m thinking much in the same way I was when I was younger and life was ‘easy’.

I enjoyed every session with Zara and I know that you will too.

“After just my first appointment with Zara I was blown away”

I went to see Zara after a year of very stressful events at work and because I found myself with a severe lack of motivation for the things I would usually be very keen to enjoy. I had already tried the CBT therapy my GP had suggested and while this helped a little bit with my anxiety I still felt I needed something more to help me deal with some of the feelings I was experiencing on a daily basis that just wouldn’t go away.

After just my first appointment with Zara I was blown away by how many of my anxious thoughts related back to one specific incident that happened to me many years ago and from there I was able to make many specific connections as to why I was feeling the way I was and why the way I now dealt with my problems was actually making me feel even worse.

I have learned so much from my sessions with zara and while I can’t say I am “fixed” what I can say is the way Zara has taught me to understand myself has changed the way I deal with myself and the people around me.

After now having experienced two different types of therapies I can honestly say that what Zara offers is by far the most effective and I would highly reccomend her therapy to anyone wishing to learn more about themselves and how to move forward with their life.

“Different kind of therapy”

The therapy Zara offers is a kind I’ve never experienced before. I went to several therapists before Zara and found I was leaving sessions feeling worse than before I went in. Zara’s approach, combined with the body work was something I hadn’t experienced before. She encouraged me to look at things from a completely different perspective without having the heavy intensity that therapy can sometimes bring. I would fully recommend her to anyone seeking therapy!

“What Zara gave me in terms of emotional and physical relaxation was something I have never quite experienced before.”

I initially went to see Zara for 1-2-1 counselling and was gaining a lot of benefit from that until something came up from my past that I found extremely difficult to talk about. Zara suggested we try the bodywork massage to see if this would help me move forward. I did actually doubt this would be of any help but was willing at this point to just switch off so I gave it a go and I am really pleased I did as after just 20 minutes into the session I began to feel like a huge weight was being lifted from my body and the sense of panic that I had been feeling before I got on the bed began to immediately calm down. And while I have had massage many times before this from other therapists, what Zara gave me in terms of emotional and physical relaxation was something I have never quite experienced before.

“Highly Recommended”

After suffering from a mixture of anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue and physical pain for many years my GP recommended I sought some kind of massage or meditation as he felt it would help with my physical tension and anxiety.

I then found Zara online and noticed that she also offered counselling and even though I was a little bit hesitant that what she offered could actually work. I was willing to give one appointment a try to see if it could help in any way.

After just one appointment with Zara I can honestly say that my anxiety levels had reduced, I felt more comfort in my body and I had the best night sleep I had experienced in many many years. I also felt better about myself and began to realise that there were very specific reasons as to why I had been feeling the way I had.

I now see Zara about once every 6 weeks and would highly recommend her to anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression or physical pain as what she does with the counselling therapy and the massage is actually very immediate in how it makes you feel.


I first met Zara on one of her mindfulness courses and was so impressed with how she talked about mindfulness and the real life problems so many of us face that I made the decision then and there to book for a private counselling session. After just 3 appointments with Zara I began to feel that while the problems I went to see Zara about had not changed in any way, I had and I could physically feel the difference in both my thoughts and anxiety levels. It has been some time since I have seen Zara but what I have learned about myself and how I can deal with my thoughts has stayed with me and I can not thank her enough for understanding me in a way that no one ever has.

“Almost a complete relief from my anxiety.”

After suffering from anxiety and a hugely unsuccessful trial of CBT therapy I was advised to visit Zara for some private therapy sessions. And while I was initially very sceptical about the bodywork aspect of the therapy sessions I now have to say I have almost complete relief from the tension and worry I faced and had to deal with on an almost daily basis.

Not only is Zara one of the most caring people I have ever met but the fact that she understood why and how I was feeling and gave me new ways to deal with this has changed my life.

“Zara really helped me with my anxiety”

I went to see Zara because my mum had been to one of Zara’s mindfulness courses and thought that she could help me with my anxiety as ever since I was little I have found school and then going to college and having to make new friends really stressful and overwhelming.

I was also finding going out and doing the normal things that all my friends seemed to do so easy really stressful and was worried that I was never going to be able to enjoy university and find new friendship groups when I went away to study.

Zara was really kind to me and shared so many stories with me about how how other people also felt like this and after my first appointment I was really looking forward to going back to see her as I felt just talking about my anxiety with someone that understood how I was feeling really helped me.

I am about to start university in Septemeber and while I still feel really nervous I don’t feel half as scared as I did a few months ago and I am even looking forward to making friends with the right kind of people who will suit my personality and not feeling scared anymore that just because I am quiet that I am not going to be liked.

“After just 4 sessions I can honestly say that the way I feel today is completely different to when I initially walked through Zara’s door.”

To say I was experiencing stress when I found Zara would not be giving a fair description of the real life pressures I was facing at the time. However after just the first appointment with Zara I felt a noticeable shift in how I was feeling and dealing with the situations that were causing me so much difficulty. After just 4 sessions I can honestly say that the way I feel today is completely different to when I initially walked through Zara’s door. Through Zara I really have changed the way I think about myself and although there are still changes I would like to make, seeing Zara has shown me that this and many other things I would like to change in my life are genuinely now possible. I can not thank Zara enough for helping me through this and would highly recommend her services to anyone facing a difficulty in life.

“Most effective and well delivered workshop I have ever been too!”

Having been to many different workshops over the years I seem to find that many of the ones that are on offer at the moment in the north east seem to lack substance and experience from the person delivering the workshop especially when it comes to mindfulness.

Rest assurred this was not the case with Zara as her experience of mindfulness and how to use it to enhance your life was beyond any other workshop I have attended before.

She attended to the group and the content with such relevance to our personal circumstances that it felt like Zara had known each of us in that room for many years even though none of us had ever met before.

Not only would I highly recommend this particular workshop but also that you try one of Zara’s 1-2-1 Mindfulness sessions too as the way she can help you change your perspective to a more positive one is absolutely life changing!

Possibly one of the most positive things I have ever done for myself.

I found out about Zara from a friend who had attended one of Zara’s mindfulness courses and because I was at a low point in my life and didn’t feel confident enough to join a group I decided to try one of the private therapy sessions instead.

And while I can’t really explain very well what we talked about during the sessions, what I can say is that the way I feel about myself now and what has happened to me over the years has completely changed.

I also find the way Zara treats the people who come to her centre and the way she understands people is really something quite special and probably one of the main reasons why the therapy sessions worked so well for me.

“Felt as if I was walking on air when Ieft!”

It was a joy to spend the day in Zara’s company. The workshop was run in a compassionate yet fun way. I felt as though I was walking on air when I left.

“mindfulness workshop”

If you’re wondering about attending one of Zara’s mindfulness workshops then please go ahead and book! Zara’s courses are unlike any others and i loved her no nonsense approach to mindfulness. i left with a shift in my thinking and a greater understanding of my feelings and why i was feeling the way i was. whilst it may not be a conventional 8 week mindfulness course that you may see advertised elsewhere – i think you will probably get better, quicker results.

“Thanks to this mindfulness course I now live with much more freedom to try new things.”

In the past, I was always worried about the future and also how I should have managed my past better which meant I could never really focus on the present moment. What Zara taught me was to understand why I felt like this and where these negative feelings about things always going wrong for me came from. I also learnt that by being mindful of what’s going on right now and recognising that my thoughts are not always correct – I have been able to live my life with much more freedom to try new things.

“Zara really has helped me change the way I think!”

After just the first hour of the session I began to realise that even though I have anxious thoughts, they don’t have to control my life anymore.

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