Something very natural occurs when we can feel our emotions through the touch of someone else’s hands. Experiences and feelings that were difficult to deal with at the time they happened, arise for us to deal with in a safe and protected way.

Holding back our feelings takes a tremendous amount of energy, far more than letting them flow naturally. Yet when we experience a negative emotion, thought or sensation, the first thing we want to do is make it go away.

We do this by pushing it to the “back of our minds” or by ignoring the “sensations in our body” that are trying to alert us that something needs dealing with.

Over the years it would be hard to imagine just how many feelings we have “stuffed” away inside ourselves, but not really surprising to make the link that the reason why Sensorium Therapy works so well is that it assists in releasing these stuffed down feelings so that we have more space and freedom to connect with the real sense of who we are.


Most of us do not know how to listen to our bodies. Instead we live our lives not knowing why we feel anxiety or what our sensations are trying to share with us. This is why therapies that include physical touch are one of the fastest routes to helping us connect with our sensations and release our negativity so that we can create more space, in our body and in our mind.

Accumulated Tension

Accumulated knots in our muscles or tensions in our stomachs often represent accumulated experiences or tensions we have encountered in our lives.

So when we experience a therapy like Sensorium with its attention on both your physical and emotional issues, what many people experience is that as the knots and tensions of the body begin to unfold so do the knots and tensions of your past experiences.

As Zara was touching my back I could feel the tensions melting away, not just in my body but in my mind too.

Becoming Conscious – Waking Up!

When we become more conscious of how our body works and where we have stored our emotional and physical pain. We can then begin to remove these long-held tensions and emotions.

Then as we gradually begin to untangle our body, we find that our mind and all its negative thought patterns and behaviours are also beginning to untangle.

We finally find a place where we can allow what has been hidden to come forth and in turn a place where both our body and our mind can heal and transform itself back to a more positive and contented state of being.

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