Starting Soon – Zen Thursday’s, Mindfulness and Meditation for Healing, Wellbeing and Self Discovery!

During the last 12 months I have had the opportunity of working with some of the most amazing and inspiring people who have all been on a private journey of self discovery and healing with Sensorium Therapy.

It now seems that the most natural thing I could do is bring some of these wonderful people together so that they too can share their experiences of mind-body healing with as many other people as possible.

So, to make this happen I have starting arranging a series of group and workshop days and evenings to begin at the Synergy Healing centre from February 2014.

We will be starting these exciting group experiences with an intimate “Learning to Heal Through Touch” event in February and then once a month from then onwards we will be hosting a Super Soul Sunday (just like Oprah!) event where we will be offering a whole range of mind – body therapies from somatic meditation and mindfulness to creative writing, story telling and art therapy.

And while we may have a theme of mind-body therapy running through these events – the real intention behind all of these experiences is so that people like you, me and others can connect, explore and discover new ways of transforming ourselves and the world around us so that more harmony, balance and truth can be felt, lived and experienced!

If you would like to join or be kept up to date with all our up and coming events or have something you would like to share or learn then please just drop us a line via the contact form below and we will keep you posted and updated with all the exciting events and experiences we are currently arranging.

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