One of the most important steps to improving your life is recognising that you are worth investing in.

Inspired by the many amazing people whom have been on a personal journey of Sensorium Therapy, Zara Cordella has introduced a payment system that aims to allow everyone the opportunity of gaining from this unique form of therapy.

Simply put, if you can afford it then a 2 hour session which includes 1 full hour of Sensorium Bodywork Psychotherapy plus 40 minutes to an hour of talking therapy costs £48.00 per 2 hour session.

However, if finances are a struggle for you right now, then we offer a rate whereby you pay for your therapy according to your unique personal circumstances.

How to Book

Please use the following form to contact Zara to book your appointment for Sensorium Therapy.  Or if you prefer you can call Zara direct on her work line at 07756 336606. (If lines are busy then please just leave a message and a contact number and Zara will get back to you as soon as she is available.)