Mind – Body Therapy with Zara Cordella.

We all experience difficult times in our life and for some people our problems begin to affect our day to day lives so much that we feel lost and unable to cope anymore. And whilst there are many therapies that are available to help with this, none are as effective as working with both the mind and the body to release and connect with our stored emotions, experiences and sensations.

Body and Mind Therapy.

Whether we like it or not, our life is continually forming and reforming, and from the moment we are born we encounter many physical and emotional challenges that create pain, stress and anxiety. These stresses if left unreleased, stay in our body and form a “shadow self” that forms a blockage between what we are capable of achieving and capable of feeling.

Sadly, many of the therapies, medical treatments and self help remedies that are open to us today fail to recognise just how vital it is to bring the body and mind and all its stored experiences into the therapy room, and instead try to either fix our injuries (whilst ignoring our emotional responses), drug up our illnesses or paint over our past with new images and thought patterns.

This method of treating the mind and body as separate entities then leaves our real responses to the events we encounter in life, bubbling away under the surface – causing us to still feel that “something is not quite connecting” or “is missing” from our life.

Sensorium Therapy is different because it recognises that in the most basic sense we are our bodies, and that our bodies are a living expression of everything that has and hasn’t happened to us in our life.

It also recognises that somatic healing (of the body) is one of the oldest, most powerful tools available for emotional and physical healing, and that without some kind of physical release we are left with unresolved issues in our body and consequently in our life.

How is Mind – Body Therapy So Effective?

Science has now recognised that our experiences (positive and negative) remain in our bodies, even long after the events that have caused us anxiety or emotional distress have occurred.

These events could be anything from experiences you have had as a child, in the workplace, an accident, illness or relationship. And whilst it is important to recognise that we are a living expression of all our past experiences, It is also important to recognise that it is not just what has happened to us that gets stored in our body – but also what “has not happened” to us.

So, for instance if you haven’t at any point been given the love, care or recognition you have needed in your life, then the sensations of feeling unloved, unheard and misunderstood can also manifest as unwanted experiences of anxiety and depression.

However, when we work with both the mind and the body, like with Sensorium Therapy we are able to access all your stored emotions – so that your random sensations of anxiety, depression and other emotionally and physically charged expressions, can be released and understood.

How Is This Different to Other Therapies?

People who have come to me for Sensorium Therapy have often tried a whole range of other therapies before deciding it is worth trying to see what Body- Mind Therapy can achieve. This is usually because other therapies such as NLP, talking therapies, CBT or hypnotherapy only work for a short while or not at all in trying to cover up or convert our ”negative” emotions and reactions with “positive” ones.

And whilst it is true that these kind of therapies are able to sometimes help with our issues – the reason they will usually only work short term, is because they are not dealing with the original place where your sensations were stored. Your body.

So, whilst negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, pain and depression are incredibly debilitating and we want to move away from them as quickly as possible. Sensorium therapy recognises the importance of these ”alive” sensations in your body and works on you being able to connect with them so that you can release the ones you no longer need.

Sensorium Therapy shows you where and how to connect with the physical feelings and emotional sensations of your body. Then through practice and touch –  it’s possible for highly charged stress energy in your body to be properly engaged and naturally released.

This experience of releasing the physical and emotional sensations that have been stored within the muscles and structure of our body has the potential to both physically and emotionally restore you to a more natural state of being, and bring more relaxation and peace to your body and mind.

Simply put, Sensorium Therapy, instead of helping you “exit” your body and all its physical sensations and emotions, instead allows you to “enter” your body, so that you can sense from the inside out how to create real change and lasting transformation.

How to Book

Appointments for Mind – Body Therapy with Zara Cordella are available as either a “one off treatment” to see if Sensorium Therapy can help you or as a series of treatments that can be booked as and when you feel you need them. All treatments are carried out in the strictest confidence and are available at The SYNERGY Healing Centre in Whitley Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Prices start from just £38.00 and can be booked by calling Zara direct on 07756 336606 or via our online booking and payment form.

Where to Find Us.

Zara Cordella holds her Sensorium Therapy sessions within her private therapy rooms at The SYNERGY Healing Centre in Whitley Bay, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. We are very easy to find and have free parking outside and around the building.

You are welcome to bring a friend or someone to support you as there is a fully equipped reception area with free tea and coffee availble for those who are waiting.

If you would like to read more about Sensorium Therapy before you arrive – please go to our articles and posts pages by clicking here.

If you would like to book your appointment now then please call Zara direct on 07756 336606 or go to our online booking and payment form.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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More FAQ

Why Choose Sensorium Therapy?

When we feel anxiety or depression we dont just feel it in our mind, we feel it in our bodies too. Yet most therapies focus on working solely with the mind, leaving your body completely out of the equation.

Sensorium Therapy is different in that it recognises this vital flaw in the theraputic practice of working with anxiety, stress and depression and therefore brings the body and all its stored experiences and sensations with you into the therapy room. This unique way of working allows you to enter rather than exit your body so that you can recognise, probably for the first time ever what the real story your body holds about your life experiences and events.

Why do we experience stress in our bodies?

When we have difficult experiences in our lives, both our minds and our body’s can get overwhelmed with stress. These stresses if left unreleased or unaddressed end up trapped inside our body creating tension, illness and anxiety. Talk therapy alone is not enough to release these tensions as it does not deal with the physical release of the sensations that were stored in our body at the time of our experiences.

For instance when we feel anxiety, we feel it in our body. When we feel fear, we feel it in our body. When we feel sad, we feel it in our body. When we feel love, we feel it in our body. We jump for joy, slump for sadness. Literally every single experience we have ever encountered is experienced as a sensation in our physical bodies. However, what happens when we experience these sensations is that if they are not allowed to fully express themselves they remain trapped in our bodies, repeating themselves over and over again until they find a way to get released.

Rather than trying to cure an emotional or a physical issue, the aim of sensorium therapy is to take you back into your body so you can feel where the healing is taking place – from here you can build a new sense of connection and trust and unlock the emotional and physical messages of your sensations so that you can gain an understanding as too why they have arisen in the first place.

Sensorium Therapy works with your sensations and it helps you discover where in your body and where in your life these sensations arose from. It asks what does the inner wisdom of your body want to share with you and it then works on transforming and releasing your tensions so that real change, awareness and therapeutic healing can occur on all levels of your emotional and physical wellbeing.

What can Sensorium Therapy help with?

People come to Sensorium Therapy for help with a whole range of physical and emotional issues. I see clients who need help with physical issues such as MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Sports Injuries, Muscle Tension, IBS, Arthritis and other debilitating physical issues and also for emotional issues like weight loss, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, depression and panic attacks. And because Sensorium Therapy connects us with the true essence of who we are behind and beyond our physical and emotional manifestations – we also see people who would like to engage in a more spiritual and mindful approach to the way they live, love and understand themselves.

What happens during a treatment?

Sensorium Therapy works with whatever your body is displaying in the moment. If you come with pain in your body or a physical issue – we will work with that. If it is an emotional issue you have – then that is what we will work on releasing.

Working in this “present moment experience” allows both you and your therapist to focus on whatever your body wants to bring to your attention so that you can explore its deeper meaning and hidden messages in a state of deep relaxation and inner calm.

The treatment itself is both private and safe and will involve a combination of deep relaxing touch and movement of your therapists hands over the many muscles, facia and energy networks of your body. It incorporates oils, aromatherapy and heat so that both your body and your mind can release it’s physical and emotional tensions and experience a deep state of relaxation and trust.

And then, either during or after your treatment you can have the opportunity to explore with words and talking how you physically and emotionally experienced the treatment and what it may mean to you on a deeper level so that you can integrate these experiences into your life outside the therapy sessions.

By moving slowly, we can teach your body and mind how to relax so that experiences and sensations that were too difficult or raw to deal with in the past can rise to the surface to be dealt with now in a safe and nurturing process of deep understanding, integration and letting go.

Is Sensorium Therapy similar to massage?

Sensorium Therapy is similar to massage in that it relaxes the body and works with the physical aspects of releasing tension and healing the body. However, the touch your therapist uses is experienced as something far more advanced than a usual massage treatment due to the fact that she is also trying to connect you with the emotional messages, stories and experiences within your physical structure.

Another difference is how your therapist will work with your body, during a normal massage treatment, a traditionally trained massage therapist will often dig right into your knots or tensions to release the pain from the centre of where the pain is residing, which may feel good at the time, however what it really does is cause the muscles to tighten which then makes the emotional pain that lies behind this place of tension go even deeper into your body.

Sensorium Therapy is different because it begins to unfold your physical knots from the edges to the centre just like a fisherman would when working to release knots in his fishing nets. Working from the edges to the centre allows your body to relax and trust the hands of your therapist – which then allows the emotional issues that are behind your physical structure to come to the surface and release themselves.

When we experience stress our emotions get stored in the muscles and cells of our body creating a “shadow self” that inevitably ends up sabotaging our ability to live a full and authentic life.  This “shadow self” shows up in our bodies as both physical and emotional issues. By focusing on our muscular and bodily tensions, our sensations are able to unfold from within. We can then experience our attention drop inside our body which allows us to release our tensions and energise our bodies.

How is Sensorium Therapy different to other therapies?

Sensorium Therapy is different to other therapies because it works with the whole of “who you are” by incorporating physical touch, massage, meditation, healing and verbal expression of your feelings (person-centred counselling skills) into one whole mind – body experience.

It recognises that your sensations, physical issues and emotional experiences are the key to releasing stored negative energy and behaviour patterns and works to restore you on both a physical and emotional level. It shows you how to reach into your body – rather than exit your body, so that can create change from the inside out and experience real lasting transformation.

How many treatments would I need to have and what results could I expect to see?

When we work with pain, emotional or otherwise we are working not only with the tensions in your body and the resulting sensations of anxiety, depression, panic, guilt, shame, sadness etc. but also with the layers of resistance (emotional and physical) you have placed there to try and keep this pain contained.

The number of sessions you may need to resolve this pain and bring it safely out of your body can never be estimated as it really is a unique experience for every single person. For some people only one treatment is needed to help them move forward with their lives, whereas for others a weekly appointment of 1 or 2 treatments over a period of weeks maybe necessary to make the progress they need.

Trying to avoid pain is a normal reaction, however what goes in must come out, otherwise we end up with unresolved issues remaining in our body long after the experiences that caused them occurred – these often end up manifesting as physical and emotional issues that seep out into our everyday life.

The most important thing about this therapy is that “you” are the person in control of how fast or how slow you wish to progress. And also that “you” are in control of how often or how frequent you want to have your treatments. And because we work with the “here and now” of your body and what it wishes to share with you there are no initial time plans, homework or frameworks involved at any point throughout your treatments.

With Sensorium Therapy I am much more interested in helping bring awareness to your body, so that you can make decisions from a new sense of intuitive knowing rather than from what I know as therapist. And whilst I will be more than happy to share my knowledge around healing, I will always view the knowledge you bring as the most important aspect of our work together.

If you would like to discuss any of the points raised above or any other aspect of Sensorium Therapy with Zara then please call her direct on 07756 3366 06 or via her online booking form by clicking here.

Appointments are currently available Monday to Saturday, 10am until 7pm and are priced according to your individual circumstances. (Sliding scale of £38.00 to £48.00 is the usual price most clients need to pay for a 1 hour and 20 minute appointment and between £48.00 and £68.00 for a 2 hour appointment.)

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