What is Mindfulness Therapy?

Mindfulness Therapy is a unique form of counselling that combines psychological approaches to wellbeing with mindfulness so that positive change and transformation can be experienced in your everyday thoughts, life and behaviours.

It is a therapy that can be used when your emotions feel out of control, you need physical restoration or relaxation and also as a process to uncover your true meaning and purpose in life.

With nearly 20 years experience of working with people in a therapeutic manner, it was only when I combined my training and experiences in person-centred counselling, NLP and bodywork therapy with meditation and mindfulness that I realised just how powerful it is when all approaches of therapy are used as a method of transforming both the way we feel and live.

Now after working with hundreds of people and seeing first hand the unique transformation this form of therapy can bring in terms of transformation, happiness and contentment into people’s lives, I now offer Mindfulness Therapy from my therapy and mindfulness centre in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is one of the oldest and most powerful processes available to us for connecting with the true essence of who we are and what we can achieve in life. Often dismissed as a practice that helps us manage stress or anxiety, however mindfulness when experienced as an approach to how we live our life can prompt radical shifts, not just in our thinking but in our relationships, our health and our sense of worth too.

“The real essence of living a mindful life is about accepting that life will give us challenges, accepting that life will give us stress, but that through living a life in accordance with our deepest values, we can achieve a state of authentic living that will allow us to connect with the greatest parts of ourselves, people and the world around us.”

Overcoming Fear, Worry & Anxiety with Mindfulness

Most of us spend a lot of our lives either wound up in fear or trying to avoid feeling fear. Fear can range from thinking we are going to lose someone we love, lose our job, lose our money, status or security or simply that we will never be free from feeling anxiety, depression or worry.

Yet fear is an undeniable aspect of how we experience life as a human being. And no matter how hard we try, we really can’t ignore the fact that life is going to give us challenging experiences.

Yet the first thing we do when we experience an uncomfortable situation or feeling is try to move away from it as quickly as possible, however what this creates is a sense of distance from who we really are, what we really desire and what we need to deal with in order to move forward with our life.

The mindfulness that I offer works directly with the roots of your anxieties and the roots of your fears – so that worry and stress become a stepping stone to a new way of living rather than being a blockage that hinders your life.

It also shows you why making choices from a place of truth and honesty and understanding why you feel fear and vulnerability can be one of the most life changing experiences you could ever encounter.

“This gentle but radical shift of learning to live and express yourself in each flowing moment allows a new experience of feeling alive again to enter your life. And as you touch and feel the present moment of your life in the here and now as opposed to the past and the future, you begin to step into a new way of being that grows with each and every experience you now encounter in your life.”

Is Mindfulness Suitable For Me If I Suffer From Depression or Anxiety?

All the courses, 1-2-1 therapy and workshops I offer on mindfulness are open to anyone who wishes to experience more balance, peace and harmony in their lives and is delivered in such a way where it gently encourages you towards exploring the roots of your feelings so that you can discover and understand in more depth how and why you are having difficulty moving forward with your life.

I will share ways in which you can work more naturally with your emotions and thoughts so that stress and anxiety rather then being a blockage instead become a stepping stone and we will explore how the real essence of mindfulness can help you understand your thinking patterns more thoroughly so that being mindful isn’t just something that you learn but something that you become.

I also work privately long and short term with people who have experienced any kind of severe depression, anxiety or mental health issues and have found that the combination of both mindfulness, meditation and therapy has been one of the most positive experiences for people who have experienced a more debilitating impact of their emotions.

How Can I Experience Mindfulness Therapy with You?

I now offer mindfulness and Sensorium Therapy (a unique form of mindfulness therapy that combines both mindfulness and bodywork somatic relaxation) from my practice in Whitley Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne. This can be accessed by either a 1-2-1 appointment or by joining one of the many courses and workshops I offer.

Appointments for 1-2-1 Mindfulness and Sensorium Therapy start from just £38.00 and can be booked by clicking here. And to find out more about my courses, groups and workshops please just click here.

What is Sensorium Body Therapy?

Sensorium Body Therapy is a holistic Mind-Body approach to healing that works on the scientific and therapeutic belief that our body and our subconscious mind holds onto our past experiences, even long after the events we experienced in life have expired.

It is a therapy that is used in a crises, when we feel we can no longer cope with our negative feelings and also as a process to uncover our true meaning, purpose and journey in life.

Having now worked with hundreds of people in this way, I have absolutely no doubt that by working with both our physical and emotional wellbeing, we can connect to a deeper awareness and transformation than any other form of therapy can – and when combined with talking therapy and other mindfulness practices, it really does have the capacity to improve our lives in ways we never thought possible.

Often dismissed as a luxury or a treatment that is just relaxing, meditation, when performed within the Sensorium Therapy I offer to my clients has been one of the most powerful aspects of the transformation process people experience with me in my centre.

To find out more about Sensorium Body Therapy then please click here now.

I Have Never Joined in a Workshop or Group before?

It is not unusual to be concerned or worried about joining a workshop and even people who have joined groups before get a bit nervous before coming. However I have to say that every workshop or group I have ever facilitated on mindfulness has been incredible, both in the people that have joined and the knowledge that was gained.

I Would Like To Ask You A Question Before I Decide To Join One Of Your Groups or Book an Appointment for Therapy, Would This be Ok?

I am always more than happy to answer any questions you may have and you can do this in two ways, either call me direct on 07756 336606 or via the contact form below.

However, if you now feel you would like to now book a one to one appointment or workshop event with me then please just click here for a 1-2-1 apointment or for a course, group or workshop please just click here.

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