Whether we like it or not, our life is continually forming and reforming, and from the moment we are born we encounter many physical and emotional challenges that create pain, stress and anxiety. These stresses if left unreleased, stay in our body and form a “shadow self” that forms a blockage between what we are capable of achieving and capable of feeling.

Sadly, many of the therapies, medical treatments and self help remedies that are open to us today fail to recognise just how vital it is to bring the body and mind and all its stored experiences into the therapy room, and instead try to either fix our injuries (whilst ignoring our emotional responses), drug up our illnesses or paint over our past with new spiritual images and thought patterns.

This method of treating the mind and body as separate entities then leaves our real responses to the events we encounter in life, bubbling away under the surface – causing us to still feel that “something is not quite connecting” or “is missing” from our life.

Sensorium Therapy is different because it recognises that in the most basic sense we are our bodies, and that our bodies are a living expression of everything that has and hasn’t happened to us in our life.

It also recognises that somatic healing (of the body) is one of the oldest, most powerful tools available for emotional and physical healing, and that without some kind of physical release we are left with unresolved issues in our body and consequently in our life.

How is Sensorium Therapy So Effective?

Science has now recognised that our experiences (positive and negative) remain in our bodies, even long after the events that have caused us anxiety or emotional distress have occurred.

These events could be anything from experiences you have had as a child, in the workplace, an accident, illness or relationship and whilst it is important to recognise that we are a living expression of all our past experiences, it is also important to recognise that it is not just what has happened to us that gets stored in our body but also what “has not happened” to us.

So, for instance if you haven’t at any point in your life been given the love, care or recognition you have needed in your life, then the sensations of feeling unloved, unheard and misunderstood can also manifest as unwanted experiences of anxiety and depression.

However, when we work with both the mind and the body, such as the Sensorium Therapy that I offer we can work with all your stored emotions – so that your random sensations of anxiety, depression and other emotionally and physically charged expressions can be released and understood.

How Is This Different to Other Therapies?

People who have come to me for Sensorium Therapy have often tried a whole range of other therapies such as energy healing, NLP, talking therapies and other holistic healing experiences before deciding it is worth trying to see what Sensorium Therapy can achieve. This is usually because other therapies only work for a short while or not at all in trying to cover up or convert our ”negative” emotions and reactions with “positive” ones.

And whilst it is true that these other kind of therapies are able to sometimes help with our issues – the reason they will usually only work short term, is because they are not dealing with the original place where your sensations were stored. Your body.

So, whilst negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, pain and depression are incredibly debilitating and we want to move away from them as quickly as possible. Sensorium Therapy recognises the importance of these ”alive” sensations in your body and works on you being able to connect with them so that you can release the ones you no longer need.

Sensorium Therapy shows you where and how to connect with the physical feelings and emotional sensations of your body. Then through practice and touch –  it’s possible for highly charged stress energy in your body to be properly engaged and naturally released.

This experience of releasing the physical and emotional sensations that have been stored within the muscles and structure of our body has the potential to both physically and emotionally restore us to a more natural state of being, and bring more relaxation and peace to your body and mind.

Simply put, Sensorium Therapy, instead of helping you “exit” your body and all its physical sensations and emotions, instead allows you to “enter” your body, so that you can sense from the inside out how to create real change and lasting transformation.

How to Book

Appointments for Mind – Body Therapy and Sensorium Healing with Zara Cordella are completely confidential and are available as either a “one off treatment” to see if Sensorium Therapy can help you or as a series of treatments that can be booked as and when you feel you need them. We offer same day and emergency appointments (when available) which are currently available at The SYNERGY Healing Centre in Whitley Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Prices start from just £38.00 and can be booked by calling Zara direct on 07756 336606 or via our online booking form.