If you’re thinking about embarking on a journey to better health, self-esteem and spiritual growth – or would like to learn how touch, meditation and working with the human mind and body can give you an understanding of what your purpose could be in life, then joining one of our groups, workshops or events could just be the journey you are looking for.

Below are the dates and details for up-and-coming events that focus on different aspects of life transformation, learning, connection and self-discovery. Simply choose which one suits you most, drop us an email via our online booking form and we will get back to you with more details.

I think you’ll enjoy what we have to offer and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Discover your Zen!

Starting from February 2014 I will be hosting a New Mindfulness & Meditation group at the Synergy Healing Centre on Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.

Based on both ancient and contemporary methods of healing, meditation and mindfulness, you will discover how both your body and mind can lead you into a new and exciting journey of self-discovery, relaxation and awareness.

No experience is needed as the group is based on using the unique knowledge and wisdom of your own experiences – so that learning mindfulness becomes something that you explore as opposed to something that you do.

With exploration comes experience and from experience comes embodiment, meaning that by the end of your mindfulness experience at Synergy, you should be an absolute natural in creating more mindfulness in your own life!

Mindfulness at Synergy, Whitley Bay.

Unlike other meditation groups that practise mindfulness, Zen Thursdays at Synergy is all about discovering your own inner wisdom and intuition and seeing where this leads you on a moment to moment experience.

You will discover how your own experiences can be connected with so that you have less fear of the future and far less baggage from your past.

And learn how to use the language and sensations of your body to tune you into a deeper and more aware experience of how you live, breathe and relate to others.

We will cover issues such as anxiety, relationships, money, depression and stress and explore how we can use our own breathe, experiences and mindful practises to ease the tensions that we face on a day-to-day basis.

There will also be guest speakers and an opportunity to connect with other people who have been on a self-healing journey with mind-body therapy, mindfulness and somatic meditation and most of all I hope you will get to laugh, enjoy and know yourself more than you ever thought possible!

In the beginning of meditation and mindfulness, you will find yourself falling into the gaps between your thoughts – after practicing you will then become the gap, this is meditation in action, this is life.

To book your place or find out more about Zen Thursdays then please contact Zara Cordella on 07756 336606 or please click here to book and pay online.

Prices start from just £7.00 and everyone is welcome to join.

Learning Through Touch Event – Northumberland.


Touch is one of the most powerful resources we have for connecting with the true essence of who we are and for connecting with others on a deeper more meaningful level. This one day workshop gives you an introduction into how you can learn to connect with your own body and the conversations it wants to share with you and also how to connect with others beyond the everyday surface emotions and masks we often display.

What is covered?
During this creative one day workshop you will discover what Sensorium Therapy is, why and how it was developed and how touch can change the way we see ourselves and others. You will also get the opportunity to learn how to connect with the rhythms, pace and energy frequencies of your own body and work with other workshop attendees so that you understand on a more deeper level just how mind-body therapy works.

There will also be an opportunity for you to experience and explore your own touch and how this impacts on yourself and others and where in your body your blockages and experiences are storing themselves.

Previous Experience
No previous experience is needed, however coming with an open mind and an open body is essential if you would like to positively gain from this experience.

Delivered and facilitated by Zara Cordella.

Click here to bookPrice: £85.00 & £125.00 (includes lunch, tea’s, coffee and refreshments throughout the day)
Date: April 2014
Venue: Northumberland Healing Retreat
Time: 10am-5.30pm.
To book your place on this event please call us on 07756 3366 06 or via the online booking form by clicking here.

Synergy Gatherings

friendshipDuring the last 12 months I have had the opportunity of working with some of the most amazing and inspiring people who have all been on a private journey of self discovery and healing with Sensorium Therapy.

It now seems that the most natural thing I could do is bring some of these wonderful people together so that they too can share their experiences of mind-body healing with as many other people as possible.

So, to make this happen I have starting arranging a series of group and workshop days and evenings to begin at the Synergy Healing centre from February 2014.

We will be starting these exciting group experiences with an intimate “Learning to Heal Through Touch” event in February and then once a month from then onwards we will be hosting a Super Soul Sunday (just like Oprah!) event where we will be offering a whole range of mind – body therapies from somatic meditation and mindfulness to creative writing, story telling and art therapy.

And while we may have a theme of mind-body therapy running through these events – the real intention behind all of these experiences is so that people like you, me and others can connect, explore and discover new ways of transforming ourselves and the world around us so that more harmony, balance and truth can be felt, lived and experienced!

If you would like to join or be kept up to date with all our up and coming events or have something you would like to share or learn then please just drop us a line via the contact form below and we will keep you posted and updated with all the exciting events and experiences we are currently arranging.

Sensorium Weekend Body Event

Beautiful Northumberland Retreat – Full weekend workshops commencing in 2014.

body-weekend98 percent of all people who lose weight gain it back within five years. This proves that the real reason we find it difficult to  “keep control” over our bodies is a symptom of something else. That “something else” is exactly what this sensorium therapy workshop helps you find.

I am yet to meet anyone who believes there is an easy way to lose weight. Diets teach us to disconnect from our body and uses willpower to “control” our eating and exercise habits. As a means of you are disconnecting from the richest and most tangible reality of your being. Your body. Zara Cordella ~ Conversations with your body.

About this workshop

This unique hands-on intensive weekend workshop is aimed at helping you discover what the real reasons are as to why you find it difficult to lose or maintain your weight loss – and will show you how to connect with your body and the unique conversation it wants to share with you so that weight loss, exercise and feeling good become a part of “who you are” and not something “that you do”.

As Zara was touching my back I could feel my body wanting to share with me the real reasons as to why I overate and what I was trying to “stuff down” with food.

By adding touch to therapy, especially around weight loss and body image we can touch the very place where we originally stored the experiences that made us disconnect and lose trust with the thing we need to connect with most – our body.

Touch is fundamental to us living in harmony with our body and it’s unique rhythms and requirements and is one of the most powerful ways in which we can create long lasting transformation. This workshop will therefore involve a lot of “touch” from both Zara Cordella and the other participants in the workshop so that you can discover “first hand” what messages and signals your body wishes to share with you.

From this new place of awareness you will discover how you can connect with the conversations your body wishes to share with you, so that your physical and emotional issues around food, exercise and weight loss can be transformed “from the inside out“.

You will also discover:

How to learn to let go of the emotional pain that is blocking your weight loss goals by experiencing probably for the first time ever “why” you sabotage your eating plans and more importantly how you can transform them – so that eating a better diet isn’t just something that “you do” but becomes an intrinsic part of “who you are“.

How to connect with the messages and signals your body gives you on a moment to moment basis, so that long term weight loss is assured.

How to respond more congruently with your body and it’s unique energies and experiences so that instead of living in a constant battleground of control, willpower and diets, you live with freedom and choice around food and exercise.

How to stop making your body behave by trying to rule it with your head – and instead learn how to come back into “your body”  where transformation begins so that long lasting change around the way you eat, view and connect with yourself can occur.

Transforming your body has to begin with self-love, not self-hate and loathing.

Delivered and facilitated by Zara Cordella.

Price: £185.00 (full weekend accommodation also available, please ask when booking)
Date: Commencing 2014
Venue: Beautiful Spiritual Retreat in Northumberland.
Time:  Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 6.30pm.
To book your place on this event please call us on 07756 3366 06 or via the online booking form by clicking here.

Zara Cordella has worked with hundreds of women around weight loss, body transformation and self-esteem. Her unique methods of transforming the way we eat, think and live have been developed from her 20 years training and practice of working with the human mind and body.

In addition to Sensorium Therapy, Zara is also a fully qualified nutritional advisor, exercise instructor and personal trainer who has also been on her own weight loss journey where she successfully lost over 4 stone.

During this intensive 2 day workshop Zara will be focusing on how touch and connecting with your body with Sensorium Therapy can transform the way you relate to food, your body and your self-worth. You will discover the real reasons as to why your body has stopped responding to diets and how your experiences and emotions affect you physiologically. You will also get the opportunity to look more deeply at “which foods” are good for weight loss and restoring the body back to health and exactly which supplements and vitamins are worth taking.

*Please note that places for this workshop are limited so that each workshop remains small enough for you to gain intuitive self-knowledge about your body and what it wishes to share with you.

To book your place on any of the above events please call us on 07756 3366 06 or via the online booking form by clicking here.

The Sensorium Journey


Our bodies tell stories. Our muscles hold memories. Everything we experience, every memory, every sensation is stored within your body.

Just as your body goes with you in life – as does your journey and all you have encountered along the way.

SENSORIUM THERAPY offers a way to work with the emotional, physical and spiritual challenges that our lives present to us and begins with the simple touch of one human being to another.

Based in the evolutionary process of using touch, mindfulness, awareness and meditation to continually explore our life-journey, it understands that your body is more than just an expression of your mind and is a living, active part of who you are and how you express yourself.

It aims to take you inside your feelings and physical expressions and experience from the inside out how it feels to be truly present in your body.

From this sacred place you can then connect with everything you have been, everything you are and everything you can become.

How You Can Experience Sensorium Therapy.

To find out more information about what is currently available with Zara Cordella then please visit the Workshop and Events Page for current events or click here to find out more about  1-2-1 private therapy appointments.


“Working with Sensorium Meditation has been one of the most profound experiences of my life.”

Michaela – Sensorium Meditation Experience, July 2013.