This one day workshop aims to take you beyond your everyday reality by using the power of touch and sensorium therapy so that you connect with the real “sense” of “who you really are” and “what you capable of achieving in life”.

Seeing With Your Body
Connecting with our intuition through our bodies is called clairsentience; derived from the Latin word for “clair’ meaning clear, (‘seeing clearly’) and sentire (‘sentient’) meaning ‘capable of feeling’. We can think of clairsentience, then, as “seeing with our bodies“.

Everyone is born with a natural creative ability of one type or another and during this workshop you will learn how “touch” and “feeling with your body” can help you tap into your deepest sources of wisdom and intuition so that you can develop your own ”clairsentience” sense to explore yourself and others and also what your true purpose in life could be.

Discovering our unique “inner wisdom” or “super power” is essentially a process of discovering what is already there within us. However, with touch we can more easily touch the parts of us that have been lying dormant for many years so that we can connect with “all we are” and “all we have been” so that our real true self and “all” its capabilities can arise to the surface of our everyday reality.

What is covered?
During this creative one day workshop you will discover how to connect with your own sense of “touch” and discover what your “inner wisdom” wishes to share with you. You will also learn how to develop your clairsentient skills so that you can connect with others on a deeper and more meaningful basis and get the opportunity to explore how to connect with the rhythms, pace and energy frequencies of your own body.

There will also be an opportunity for you to experience and explore your own touch and how this impacts on yourself and others and where in your body your blockages and experiences are storing themselves.

Previous Experience:
No previous experience is needed, however coming with an open mind and an open body is essential if you would like to positively gain from this experience. And whilst we can’t promise you will leave being a “super hero” we can promise that you will have a more direct experience of who you really are and what you are capable of achieving.

Delivered and facilitated by Zara Cordella.

Click here to bookPrice: £85.00 (includes lunch, tea’s, coffee and refreshments throughout the day)
Date: April 2014
Venue: Northumberland.
Time: 10am-5.30pm.
Availability: Few remaining places so please call now to book.

To book your place on this event please call us on 07756 3366 06 or via the online booking form by clicking here.

Zara Cordella has been practicing and developing mind-body therapy for over twenty years and is a pioneer in her understanding of how the body connects us to a deeper understanding of our-self, our relationships and the world around us.

Through her workshops and private practice in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear she aims to share her knowledge, skills and wisdom so that more people can connect with the true source of “who they really are” and what they are capable of achieving.