The body already knows how to heal.  All we need to learn is how to tune in and connect with the conversation it wants to have with us.

Working with the body to have a direct experience of our own inner reality is what Vipassana meditation calls “seeing deeply“, “to see into” or to see ‘in a special way

By seeing ourselves in a special way we get to see ourselves as we really are behind all our experiences, thoughts and sensations. And as we continue to see ourselves as we actually are, not just as we appear to be – we can focus on our sensations rather than our thoughts and come to new conclusions about why and how we feel the way we do.


Working with the body to have a direct experience of our own inner reality is what Vipassana meditation calls “seeing deeply”, “to see into” or to see ‘in a special way”

Sensations are the foundational language of our life. Yet all too often we try to ignore or move away from our sensations in order to feel something else. By disconnecting from this unique conversation our body wants to share with us  – we either numb or minimise our feelings, which in turn makes our body turn up it’s signals, so that we can hear what it has to say.

These signals can manifest as both physical and emotional issues and are often given the generic labels of anxiety, panic, muscle tension or specific illnesses and issues such as weight gain, anorexia, muscle twitching, restless leg syndrome, IBS, chronic fatigue etc.

Sensorium Therapy with its attention on both your physical and emotional body brings you back into contact with yourself and helps you to re-connect to the real conversation your body has been trying to share with you. This state of “being present in your body”  allows your sensations and emotions to “speak to you more clearly” and allows a more somatic awareness and embodiment (living inside your own skin, body and aliveness) to emerge.

From this place of new awareness both your physical and emotional issues can be dealt with from a more integrated perspective and reality which allows us to connect more truthfully with ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.

Sensorium Therapy re-introduces us to what we care about most and connects us to our deeper sense of “intuition” natural healing and awareness.

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