Zara Cordella has been practising and developing a unique form of mindfulness therapy for over twenty years and has worked with hundreds of people in both therapeutic and group settings to help more people understand how our thoughts, body, life experiences, mindfulness and meditation connects us to a deeper understanding of our-self, our relationships and the world around us.

Through her workshops delivered in the North East of England and her private 1-2-1 therapy practice in Whitley Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne she has developed a methodology and ideology that has the capacity to transform the way we feel, experience and live our life.

Each appointment of therapy starts from just £28.00 for a one hour concession price appointment (£38.00 Full Price) with all appointments being completely confidential as unlike a GP or work referred therapy, your details will not be shared with anyone else without your prior consent and agreement.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is one of the oldest and most powerful processes available to us for connecting with the true essence of who we are and what we can achieve in life. Often dismissed as a practise that helps us manage stress or anxiety, however mindfulness when experienced as an approach to how we live our life can prompt radical shifts, not just in our thinking but in our relationships, our health and our sense of worth too.

“The real essence of living a mindful life is about accepting that life will give us challenges, accepting that life will give us stress, but that through living a life in accordance with our deepest values, we can achieve a state of authentic living that will allow us to connect with the greatest parts of ourselves, people and the world around us.”

Why Choose This Kind of Therapy?

We all experience difficult times in our life and at some point we all may need some kind of help or therapy to help us navigate our way through an emotional or physical storm.

And whilst there are many therapies that are available for you to access, none are as powerful as when you are able to combine mindfulness with therapy as a therapeutic approach to transforming your life, your emotions and your physical well-being.

Sadly, many of the treatments that are open to you today fail to recognise just how vital it is to bring mindfulness into the therapy process, and instead try to numb over your feelings with medications or cognitive approaches that cause you to still feel that “something is not quite connecting” or “is missing” from your life.

This method of treating your past experiences as separate entities then leaves your real responses to the events you encounter in life, bubbling away under the surface.

Mindfulness Therapy is different because it recognises that in the most basic sense you are your thoughts, you are your experiences and that with awareness and insight into your actions and behaviours you can change the direction of your life.

Where to Find Us.

All Zara’s private 1-2-1 Therapy sessions are held within The Sensorium Therapy Centre in Whitley Bay, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. The center is very easy to find and there is free parking outside and around the building.

If you would like to read more about mindfulness and how it could help you before you book then please go to Zara’s articles and posts pages by clicking here or alternatively you can book your appointment now by calling Zara direct on 07756 336606 or via her online booking form by clicking here.

*Please note that all appointments are held in the strictest of confidence and neither your name or details will be shared with anyone else without your prior consent and agreement.

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