A One Day Workshop On One Of The Most Talked About (But Also Most Confusing Aspects) Of How To Be A More Fulfilled & Contented Human Being.

Lisa Etherson is a lead Psychosexual Therapist based in the North East of England who has gone on to train extensively to become a qualified sex therapist.

Armed with a good sense of humour and many years experience of working privately and within NHS and group work environments. Lisa is a warm and compassionate therapist who is used to talking about peoples intimacy issues and relationships so that more people can explore and become at ease with their deepest and most important expressions of love, intimacy and connection.

About This Workshop

The desire to have sex may come naturally to us but the ability to have good, satisfying intimacy within a deeper relationship with someone we care about doesn’t always follow suit.

Often it is as if we feel we need some kind of permission to enjoy sex with an added allowance for us to have less or more of it. However what we do need is to be able to talk about our desires and understand what sex really means to us so that we are free to be our sexually authentic selves.

What this workshop aims to do is share with you the most common issues that people have in terms of intimacy, love and relationships and why in this ever increasing climate of openess, more and more people are becoming confused and isolated about what sex, intimacy and relationships really mean to them.

Who Would Benefit This Workshop?

Silence, it would appear, is the go to move for people who have an issue with intimacy, or even a sexual question which makes many individuals and couples feel as if they are suffering in silence, even with each other.

What this workshop aims to do is share with you many of the common reasons we feel unable to talk about sex and how our relationships with others and our self can become greater by understanding why and where we feel blocked and stuck around intimacy and intimate relationships.

Delivered in a way which makes you feel at ease with possibly one of the most over talked about but kept in silence subjects of our times. Lisa will share her vast experience and knowledge around sex, relationships and intimacy in a way that could change the way you think, explore and feel about sex forever.

About Our Workshops

All our workshops have been developed to give you incredible insight and help into the main issues that affect your life.

Using a unique range of philosophical and creative thinking, mindfulness and psychology you will be gently challenged and encouraged to think differently about the issues that matter most in your life.

Delivered in a way that allows you to connect with yourself and others in your group. All our workshops are renowned for their sensitivity, welcoming environment and highly experienced facilitators.

Where & When?

Venue: The Sensorium, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear.
Date:  Sunday 27th September. (4 hour Workshop Including Light Lunch & Refreshments.)
Time: 11.30am – 3.30pm (Please note we will have time for coffee and biscuits both during, after and prior to the group starting so if you arrive slightly earlier then 11.30am it is absolutely fine to come and grab a quick coffee and a chat with the other members of the workshop prior to the event starting)
Cost: £48.00 full price and just £38.00 for concessions. This price also includes tea, coffee, lunch, soft drink and refreshments.
Availability: Please note that these workshops do tend to get booked very fast so If you would like to take part then please book your place ASAP!
How To Book: Please click here now to find out more about this workshop.

Delivered and facilitated by Lisa Etherson.