A Workshop On Mindful Eating And The Real Reasons We Sabotage Our Self.

Over 90 percent of all people who lose weight through a diet or eating plan gain it back within five years. Which proves that the real reason people find it difficult to  “keep control” over their bodies is a symptom of something else.

That “something else” is exactly what this workshop helps you find out.

The Truth About Diets.

Having now worked with hundreds of people around weight loss, exercise, nutrition and eating disorders. I can honestly say that whether you are a size 8 or a size 18, the issue is exactly the same, you are trying to use control to create what you perceive as your perfect body.

And while I am yet to meet anyone who believes there is an easy way to lose weight. What I do see is a million diet books telling you that there is and that all you need to do in order to achieve your perfect body, is muster up a little bit of willpower, follow their amazing new eating plan and hey presto you will look like a super model!

Wow, if only it were that simple.

Because actually the real truth about diets is that long-term over 90% of them fail and short-term while you may indeed lose weight, in the long-term both your body and your self-esteem are getting damaged.

However when we add mindfulness to weight loss, what we do is actually connect with our body and connect with the real reasons as to why we fail at losing or keeping a healthy body weight.

Why Choose This Workshop?

Losing weight isn’t easy. In fact, it’s incredibly challenging and unfortunately there is no easy way to change the way you eat without learning first why you overeat in the first place.

However what diet books, eating plans and slimming clubs teach us to do is disconnect from our body and use willpower to “control” our eating and exercise habits.

And while this may work for a short while, long term what occurs is that you create a disconnection from your richest and most tangible source of transformation ~ which is actually the messages your body and thoughts sends you on a moment to moment basis.

Conversly when you use mindfulness to understand what is at the root of your eating habits, what occurs is that you begin to make changes that are far more likely to transform your eating habits for the rest of your life and not just short term fixes that actually end up damaging you.

What You Will Learn:

* What emotional eating really is, why you do it and how you can stop being trapped in a negative cycle of self sabotage, indulgence and restriction.

* Why acknowledging and tending to your emotions rather than ignoring them is one of the fastest ways to change the way you eat, live and relate to yourself.

* How to tame your unhelpful inner voices and discover exactly what those inner voices are really trying to share with you in terms of self~worth, esteem, food, body image and awareness.

Previous Experience Required For This Workshop:

No previous experience of mindfulness is needed to join this workshop as this is a workshop that is open to anyone who wishes to learn how mindfulness can transform the way we eat, think and relate to ourselves food and exercise.

Where, When & How To Book.

Venue: @ The Sensorium, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear.
Date: Saturday September 12th 2015
Time: 11.30am – 3.30pm (Please note we will have time for coffee and drink prior to the group starting so if you arrive slightly earlier then 11.30am it is absolutely fine to come and grab a quick coffee and a chat with the other members of the course prior to the group starting)
Price: £48.00 For The Full Workshop (lunch and refreshments Included) or £28.00 For Concessions (You Choose).
How To Book: Please click here now to find out more about how to book this workshop.

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