Calming Your Inner Self ~ A Workshop On How To Deal With Anxiety, Worry & Negative Self Thinking with Zara Cordella.

When:April 2016
Where: The Sensorium, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.
: £38.00 full price or £28.00 Concessions.

One of the main themes that always arises in my workshops is anxiety and the question I get asked more than anything is “How do I make my anxiety go away?

And yet the truth is anxiety is just another word for fear but unlike fear we often believe anxiety has no meaning, no roots and therefore no means of transformation.

However by understanding what anxiety is, how it manifests in your life and getting to the roots of why you experience it – you really can learn to live a life with less worry, less stress and more peace of mind.

After just the first hour of the session I began to realise that even though I have anxious thoughts, they don’t have to control my life anymore.
~ Anne P

In the past, I was always worried about the future and also how I should have managed my past better which meant I could never really focus on the present moment. What Zara taught me was to understand why I felt like this and where these negative feelings about things always going wrong for me came from. I also learnt that by being mindful of what’s going on right now and recognising that my thoughts are not always correct – I have been able to live my life with much more freedom to try new things.
~ Helen G

Why Choose This Workshop?

Life isn’t easy. In fact, it’s incredibly stressful and unfortunately none of us are immune to facing difficult life challenges and adversity.

However when anxiety has already taking a root hold of your thoughts, you begin to feel stressed and worried even when life is going well. Meaning not only will you be used to thinking that life is always going to end up going bad for you but also that you can’t really trust yourself to make the right decisions anymore.

What this workshop will help you do is create a deeper understanding of your anxiety, why it has arisen and then more importantly how to transform it.

We will look at a range of techniques we can apply to different life situations. And explore why acknowledging and tending to our emotions is crucial in helping us positively move forward to create a life based on our real needs and desires.

You will also learn how to tame your unhelpful inner voices and discover exactly what those inner voices are really trying to share with you.

About Our Workshops

All our workshops have been developed to give you incredible insight and help into the main issues that effect your life. Using a unique range of philosophical thinking, mindfulness, meditation and therapeutic and psychology based methodology you will be gently challenged and encouraged to think differently about the issues that matter most in your life.

You will also get the opportunity to discover how mindfulness can help you have less fear of your future, feel more connected to the present and carry less baggage from your past.

Where & When?

Venue: The Sensorium, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear.
Date: April  2016.
Time: 6.15pm – 8.30pm (Please note we will have time for coffee and biscuits both during, after and prior to the group starting so if you arrive slightly earlier then 6.15pm it is absolutely fine to come and grab a quick coffee and a chat with the other members of the workshop prior to the event starting)
Cost: £38.00 full price and just £28.00 for concessions. This price also includes tea, coffee, soft drink and refreshments.
Availability: Please note that these workshops do tend to get booked very fast so If you would like to take part then please book your place ASAP!
How To Book: Please click here now to go to our online booking page and find out more about this workshop.

Delivered and facilitated by Zara Cordella.

*If you would like to speak to Zara direct to see if this course is for you, then please feel free to call her on 07756 336606 or via her online contact form by clicking here.