To be who you truly are in each moment of your existence and to understand that your thoughts, actions and behaviours form the next chapter of your life is one of the most powerful experiences you could ever encounter.

We all hold within us experiences from our past that contribute to how we feel and live our life in the present, however when our feelings become entangled with what we should have and could have achieved, we end up with a deep sense of falsely believing we have somehow lost our way or messed up our only opportunities in life.

We then end up managing our past as opposed to creating our future and making decisions based on a broken sense of self-reality that stops us from enjoying the present moment of our current experiences.

How can mindfulness help you learn to live in the moment without the fear of your past mistakes overtaking your future.

Most of us spend a lot of our lives either wound up in fear or trying to avoid feeling fear. Fear can range from thinking we are going to lose someone we love, lose our health, a friendship, our job, home, money or security or simply that we will never be free from feeling anxiety, depression or worry.

Yet fear is an undeniable aspect of how we experience life as a human being. And no matter how hard we try, we really can’t ignore the fact that life is going to give us experiences that are going to cause us a certain amount of fear or uncertainty.

Yet the first thing we do when we experience an uncomfortable situation or feeling is try to move away from it as quickly as possible, however what this creates is a sense of distance from who we really are and what we need to deal with in order to move forward with our life.

The mindfulness that I offer works directly with the roots of your feelings, the roots of your thoughts and the roots of your fears so that stress and anxiety rather than blocking your future, instead becomes a stepping stone and opportunity to start living a life that is more free, open to change, acceptance and new possibilities.

It is a form of mindfulness that can be used when you feel your life is not working properly, you are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety or an inability to cope with certain aspects of your life or simply because you feel you would like to become more connected to your experiences, explore new possibilities and feel alive again.

To live with unpleasant feelings is a skill

The problem of life is that we now think happiness lies in being safe and controlling what goes on around us. So we crave security when what we really need is freedom, control as opposed to letting go and rigidness and holding in our true expression over vulnerability and fear as been seen as weak or emotional.

Yet as human beings we are emotional, we do feel, we do cry and we do have a right to be angry when people treat us badly. Yet everyday we create a false sense of reality that tells us that all these things are weak.

However when we practise mindfulness – we  experience that the real beauty of life lies in being able to express these parts of ourselves so that we slowly learn to go with the flow and relax with the true essence of who we really are and what we are really feeling.  We also begin to discover that by accepting life is going to give us challenges and knowing that this is a natural part of our growth that we can begin to look at our past and change how we let it impact on our present to redirect our future.

The problem we all now seem to face in life is that as a culture we now place security and control over freedom, expression and letting go. Mindfulness and the real essence of meditation allows us to connect to the roots of our blockages ~ so that being mindful isn’t just something that we “learn” but rather something that we “are”.

About Zara Cordella.

Zara Cordella has been practicing and developing mind-body therapy for over twenty years and is a pioneer in her understanding of how the body, mindfulness and meditation connects us to a deeper understanding of our-self, our relationships and the world around us.

Through her workshops and private practice, she has developed a methodology and ideology that has the capacity to transform the way we feel, experience and live.

Having now experienced and seen first hand the unique transformation mindfulness can bring to people’s lives.  Zara now offers a unique range of mindfulness therapies, workshops, events and courses to people from all over the UK and north-east of england.

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