To “feel” your story and sit with the significance within it is one of the most powerful experiences you could ever encounter, as when you “feel” the story of your life and all that it has brought you, only then can you learn to make meaning and purpose of the threads and occurrences that have happened to you along your journey.

One of the most powerful aspects of any kind of therapy is when a client can feel safe and secure enough to venture into the story of their life with a new sense of exploration and discovery for what really lies within. This process of being able to connect with each part of our life and then unravel the threads of our individual experiences, allows us to see, probably for the first time ever – the woven fabric of our journey as opposed to just seeing the loose ends that seem to have no meaning or purpose.

We begin to see that all along that there were messages and calling cards we missed, signals we ignored and experiences that could have taken us somewhere new, but what stopped us following our dreams was a deep sense of fear for reaching out towards the very things we knew could make us fulfilled.

In Sensorium Therapy, the power of your story, why you may have repressed it and the wholeness and courage it takes of being able to sit within it and feel it – is what this whole process is about. As when you learn to “sit within” your story, you then learn to find ways to express and release your story and all you have learned within it – which then allows the truth and experiences of your life to take you on a new journey of awareness that validates your past, your present and your future.

Zara Cordella has been practicing and developing mind-body therapy for over twenty years and has a deep understanding of how our body connects us to a more meaningful understanding of our-self, our relationships and the world around us.

If you would like to discover the story of your life and the messages and calling cards that are there waiting for you, then appointments for 1-2-1 therapy and group work mindfulness are available at her practice in Whitley Bay 6 days a week and can be booked by clicking here.