A story of hope, inspiration and truth.

Eleanor Longden was studying psychology when she first started hearing voices in her head. Initially they started off by simply observing what she was doing and saying things like “she is now entering the building” however, they gradually became so bad that she wanted to drill a hole in her head to get the voices out and was subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia and checked into a psychiatric ward.

After spending years trapped in a nightmare system of hospitals, a prognosis of no recovery and a future of medications, pain and despair she eventually met a psychiatrist who asked Eleanor one fundamental question. This one question changed the way Eleanor and thousands of other people have come to realise that there really is a solution to mental health problems and that if we learn to listen to the messages in our heads and in our bodies, we really can live a life of hope, potentially and promise.

And the question that started this dramatic understanding and recovery was not “What is wrong with you?” but “What has happened to you?”

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Zara Cordella has been practicing and developing mind-body therapy for over twenty years and is a pioneer in her understanding of how the body connects us to a deeper understanding of our-self, our relationships and the world around us.

Through her workshops and private practice, she has developed a methodology and ideology that has the capacity to transform the way we feel, experience and live.

Appointments are currently available one to one with Zara in her practice at Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear and can be booked by clicking here.