Our bodies tell stories. Our muscles hold memories. Everything we experience, every memory, every sensation is stored within your body. Just as your body goes with you in life – as does your story and all you have encountered.

What is Sensorium Therapy?

SENSORIUM THERAPY offers a way to work with the emotional and physical challenges that our lives present to us and begins with the simple touch of one human being to another.

Based in the evolutionary process of using touch, psychology and meditation to continually explore and develop our relationship with our-self, others and the world around us, it understands that your body is more than just an expression of your mind and is a living, active part of who you are and how you express yourself.

It aims to take you inside your feelings and physical expressions and experience from the inside out how it feels to be truly present in your body.

From this sacred place you can then connect with everything you have been, everything you are and everything you can become.

As sensations (memories, experiences, feelings) are released from your muscles and physical structures you can become aware of the patterns and strategies you have created that are no longer useful to you and return to a new centre of trust that you have experienced and helped emerge during your sessions of bodywork therapy.

This entering rather than exiting our body is a very different form of therapy to what you would usually encounter with mainstream therapies as it allows you to recognise, probably for the first time ever what the real story of your felt experiences are trying to make you be aware off.

This is achieved by helping your body (and mind) reach a deep state of relaxation so that old hurts and pains can come to the surface without the associated sensations of “fright or flight”.

In this state you feel safe and protected and able to make the connection as to where and why your negative sensations have arisen from. You then become more aware of your hidden sources of strength, wisdom, resilience and power to release both your suppressed emotions and any corresponding physical or emotional pain.

Body and Mind Therapy.

Whether we like it or not, our life is continually forming and reforming, and from the moment we are born we encounter many physical and emotional challenges and experiences that create pain, stress and anxiety. These tensions if left unreleased, stay in our body and form a “shadow self” that forms a blockage between what we are capable of achieving and capable of becoming.

Sadly, many of the therapies, medical treatments and self-help remedies that are open to us today fail to recognise just how vital it is to bring the body and all its stored experiences into the therapy room, and instead try to either fix our injuries (whilst ignoring our emotional responses), drug up our illnesses or paint over our past with new images and thought patterns.

This method of treating the mind and body as separate entities then leaves our real responses to the events we encounter in life, bubbling away under the surface – causing us to still feel that “something is not quite connecting” or “is missing” from our life.

Sensorium Therapy is different because it recognises that in the most basic sense we are our bodies, and more than that, our bodies are a living expression of everything that has and hasn’t happened to us in our life.

It also recognises that somatic sense (of the body) is one of the oldest, most powerful tools available for emotional and physical healing, and that without some kind of physical release we are left with unresolved issues in our body and consequently in our life.

Depending on where Zara touched me, I could sense my muscle tightness. I then paid attention to that particular location and as I focused on the tension that I felt – I could feel the emotional and physical blockages and where they had come from begin to slip away.

What goes in must come out

Due to the fact that experiences and sensations remain in our bodies, even long after the event has occurred. It then makes sense that when we have a negative physical or emotional experience that our emotional reactions to these events stay within our bodies, causing random sensations of pain and emotionally charged expressions, that we find difficult to understand or make sense of.

This is usually the reason why people try therapies such as NLP or hypnotherapy as an attempt to cover up or convert our ”negative” emotions and reactions with “positive” ones. And whilst it is true that these kind of therapies are able to sometimes help with our issues – they will usually only work short-term, because they are not dealing with the original place where your sensations were stored. Your body.

So, whilst negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, pain and depression are incredibly debilitating and we want to move away from them as quickly as possible. Sensorium Therapy recognises the importance of these ”alive” sensations in your body and works on you being able to connect with them so that you can release the ones you no longer need.

Sensorium Therapy shows you where and how to connect with the physical feelings and emotional sensations of your body. Then through practice and touch –  it’s possible for highly charged stress energy in your body to be properly engaged and naturally released.

This experience of releasing the physical and emotional sensations that have been stored within the muscles and structure of your body has the potential to both physically and emotionally restore us to a more natural state of being, and bring more relaxation and peace to your body and mind.

Simply put, Sensorium Therapy, instead of helping you “exit” your body and all its physical sensations and emotions, instead allows you to “enter” your body, so that you can sense from the inside out how to create real change and lasting transformation.

When you breathe, when your body is working and when you can feel your emotions through the touch of someone else's hands. An amazing sense of release and connection begins to form itself within our body. Not only are you able to connect and release your physical pain but also your emotional pain too. This alone has the power to transform the way you live, love and relate to yourself and others.

What can Sensorium Therapy help with?

All conditions have the potential to benefit from sensorium therapy as it is a holistic treatment that deals with both physical and emotional issues. However, it is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from any kind of physical or muscular tension, body related illness or for those who have experienced any kind of anxiety, fear, panic, disconnection from life, depression or physical manifestation of a deep emotional pain.

The benefits of Sensorium Therapy include:

• Rebalancing your central nervous system so that issues such as anxiety, panic attacks and negative patterns of feeling intense emotions can be relieved.

• Discovering and learning deep new states of relaxation, meditation and restoration.

• Learning how to connect with the sensations in your body so that you can gain a greater sense of why and how you can deal with past, present and future experiences.

• Discovering new ways to deal with and resolve weight issues, eating disorders and other self harming and limiting behaviour patterns.

• Pain relief from physical injuries and illness.

• Relief of internal negative thinking patterns.

• Release of muscular tension.

• Increased self-awareness and mindfulness.

• Increased body awareness.

• Emotional and physical recovery from illness and surgical interventions.

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related sensations of fear, anger, depression and anxiety

• Balance of endocrine system which helps with menopause, fertility and PMS and other hormone related issues.

Zara Cordella has been practising and developing mind-body therapy for over twenty years and is a pioneer in her understanding of how the body connects us to a deeper understanding of our-self, our relationships and the world around us.

Through her workshops and private practice, she has developed a methodology and ideology that has the capacity to transform the way we feel, experience and live.

Appointments are currently available one to one with Zara in her practice at Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear and can be booked by clicking here.


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