Wanting to be loved never disappears, and neither should it, as just like hunger it is our biological need for love that keeps us human and hopeful that the world can be a better place.

When people walk through my door, they do not come in asking how to love themselves more, or how to find world peace or love other people. More often than not, it is a result of a crisis, or that their life is not working in some way, they have been hurt, they are in some kind of emotional or physical pain, and they want some way of stopping the pain.

And whilst I agree that feeling pain is one of the most uncomfortable things we can ever encounter – I also believe that it is through our pain and through our truth that we eventually find acceptance and peace about who we are and what we have experienced.

Avoiding pain causes blockage and we can not avoid feeling pain without anesthetising our ability to feel love. By removing our blockages to feel our pain and the story it wants to share with us - we also remove the blockages that have been holding back our feelings of love to surface. And when we can accept that love and pain are equal in their right to be felt and experienced -  and that each one holds their own story, only then can we live a full and truthful life. Zara Cordella ~ Conversations with your body.

With Sensorium Therapy we work on the premise that we are an accumulation of everything that has and hasn’t happened to us in our life, and that our body stores the real truth of all our experiences (good and bad).

However, when a traumatic memory is triggered, it can often be quite overwhelming and the first thing we want to do is make it go away. This tactic means that emotions and feelings that are difficult to deal with get “stuffed away” in our bodies until at some point we realise that we are living with even fewer opportunities and space in our mind and in our body to create the life we really want to live.

Yet the truth is – whatever we do and wherever we go  –  our bodies go with us, and there is absolutely no way we can separate our body from what we encounter in life. The accidents and broken bones we have live in our body, as does the history of our relationships and experiences.

Wherever we are, our bodies and our history are with us.

How do our experiences present themselves in our body?

When we go without the opportunity to process and release our emotional experiences they become ‘stuck’ in our nervous system and body. When this happens we have little choice but to find ways to detach from the painful sensations we experience on a day-to-day basis. We then learn that the easiest way to deal with these sensations is to forget about them or keep shoving them away – until this system of “burying our feelings” makes our bodies full and prone to blockages.

When our bodies are full with stored sensations we then end up with a myriad of illness’ and feelings of anxiety and panic that seem random in their appearance and out of our control.

When we lose trust in our bodies for it to do what it is meant to do – we then experience an even greater disconnection between our mind and our body. We start to feel anxious when things are going well and have no sense of control over how we are going to feel on a moment to moment basis.

However, when we learn how to be present in our body and accept all our emotions as real and meaningful –  we can then begin to live more in the moment, which allows movement and flow to occur – not just in our bodies but in our lives and relationships too.

We find we have more energy to focus on the things we love – because we are no longer using our energy to repress our pain. And we discover that both our lives and our bodies are more in tune with our self and others.

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