We can’t choose which feelings we want to remember and which ones we want to forget, life simply doesn’t work that way.  Just like we can’t anesthetise pain without deadening our capacity to love . . 

Deep within your body is a rich woven story of all your experiences, memories and beliefs. This unique story of your life has a language all of its own and expresses itself via the sensations you feel every moment of your existence.

Burying your negative feelings or thoughts doesn’t make them go away, instead they just bubble under the surface and manifest as unwanted physical or emotional issues that end up creating even more problems and anxiety.

Until we honestly confront and work through our deeper truths and experiences, our bodies will keep on reminding us of what we have stored within itself.

A life without pain and hurt – is it possible?

No matter how hard we try, we really can’t ignore the fact that life is going to give us painful experiences. And no matter how hard we try – we can’t detach ourselves from feeling pain without detaching ourselves from feeling love. Pain and love are undeniable aspects of how we experience life as a human being.

And while no one said it is easy to accept and work through our pain, if we can’t face these aspects of our life then we end up with our pain getting stored away in our bodies and manifesting itself as physical and emotional issues that seem to arise with no cause or explanation.

To truly move forward with our lives – we need to put our past into the correct context of our present life. We need to explore how our past experiences have impacted on our self-worth. And we need to explore how our self-worth is impacting on how far we dare to reach in life in the present ~ because ultimately it is our present that creates our future.

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