When you enter into therapy you are entering into a new and evolving relationship, not just with yourself but also with your therapist. Therefore, choosing the right therapist is just as important as the therapy itself.

In my experience of working with people in a therapeutic manner and having being a client myself. I would without a shadow of a doubt say that the relationship you have with your therapist is one of the most important relationships of your life.

As when you are choosing a therapist, you are also choosing someone you can reveal yourself too – meaning the therapist you choose should be someone you can trust in a very deep and meaningful way.

How Should We Choose a Therapist?

Just like people, therapists have also had negative experiences, however, what is really important when you choose a therapist –  is that you can ask them what have they done “to heal from their own personal experiences” and “how and why did this work for them”.

If your therapist is willing to answer these questions with truth and honesty and you resonate with the answers she gives you, then you can be pretty much sure that you are half way there to meeting the right therapist for you.

Therapy should never be about someone being an expert in what you feel or how you should deal with it – a therapist should be an expert in helping you tap into your own resources because she already knows that you have the inner ability to do this.

Why Body Therapy?

Renowned psychologist, writer and therapist Alice Miller, states that when we choose a therapist we need an empathic, honest person who will help us take seriously the knowledge of our own body and life experiences as valid and living parts of us.

However and even after much research into how our body stores our experiences, many therapies are still focusing on the doing/fixing belief of covering up our emotions with positive thinking and positive self-talk.

Cognitive therapy, for example, asks you to change your self-talk. Hypnotherapy and NLP invites you to bring in new images and beliefs to replace the old.

Even spiritual thinking and books like “The Secret” ask you to repress your negative thoughts and only focus on the positive. And while all these therapies are delivered with maybe the best intentions, they are all missing one huge factor – and that is that they don’t meet you where we are with the real issues that you need to process to live a full and contented life.

Bringing your Body into the Therapy Room.

Sensorium Therapy is different to other therapies because it helps you connect with the parts of yourself and your past experiences that are holding you back in life.

It then shows you how you can move forward without the heaviness and baggage you have been carrying around with you and shows you how to achieve a more fulfilling, contented and free-flowing life.

This level of “direct experience” is simply not possible with other therapies and is very likely why people who have tried Sensorium Therapy describe it as one of the most powerful life-changing experiences they have ever encountered.

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