Childhood experiences are often the first things we learn to distort in order to protect ourselves from feeling discomfort.

Negative childhood experiences do not need to be ones of pain or abuse, as simply not being understood, heard or listened too is enough for us to start pushing our real feelings and emotions away inside ourselves.

Then as life goes on and we have more difficult experiences we find that the only way we can continue to feel ok is to keep pushing our real feelings about what we are experiencing back inside ourselves.

What The Mind Forgets ~ The Body Doesn’t!

However “what the mind forgets – the body doesn’t” and for every experience we encounter, our body stores this experience deep within the cells and muscles of our physical structure as a series of sensations.

These sensations then arise without cause or warning whenever we face an event or experience in life that challenges us. So instead of being able to deal with our challenges in a normal relaxed cognitive way, instead we find we are overwhelmed with a whole range of sensations from anxiety to panic that seem out of sync with the actual event or challenge we are facing.

This over reaction to what many people would say is a normal life challenge shows us that we are not just dealing with the actual event in front of us – but with a whole host of events and experiences from our past that we have stuffed away within our unconscious mind and body.

How Can Mindfulness Help?

What Mindfulness Therapy does is allow us to connect with many of our stored away experiences  so that they can rise to the surface in a safe and managed way. This giving “a voice” to our past experiences  then enables all our  blocked emotions to raise to the surface to be dealt with so that we can free our minds and our bodies of all our negativity.

Sensations usually arise and get stuck within our bodies when we have not had the opportunity or loving space to express ourselves and is a tactic we learn in childhood that stays with us into our so called grown up lives. So while we may look like an adult on the outside, the truth is on the inside we are still reacting and feeling like we did as a child.

Negative sensations therefore, instead of being seen as something to get rid of, could instead be seen as something to connect with so that they lose their ability to jump out of the blue.

As when we can understand where they came from in the first place, we can then start to listen to what they are really trying to share with us and be a pathway for letting us understand what is going on within so we can discover what needs to be released.

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