To experience on the outside how we are feeling on the inside is one of the most powerful transformations we could ever encounter and in sensorium therapy, the story of “who you are” and “where you have been” is just as important as “where you are going.”

Simply put, Sensorium Therapy engages the “whole of who you are” and “where you have been” with “what you would like to become” so that you can live your life without the baggage and heaviness of your past experiences.

This is achieved by connecting within a safe and protected way “the real story” that is held within the body of your experiences.

And whilst many of us do not know yet how to tune into our unique story or listen to the conversation our body wants to share with us. There are those with the help of Sensorium Therapy that are engaging with this unique conversation and discovering that the emotional and physical tensions they have been carrying around with them can be used as gateways to resolve pain and restore awareness, so that negative issues and experiences can be released.

The language of the body - and the whole idea that our bodies store a story of all our past experiences - is one of the most exciting journeys we could ever undertake. And when we realise that our body holds both answers and solutions, the transformation we can experience is unlike any other therapy I have ever come across.  Zara Cordella ~ Conversations with your body.

Sensorium Therapy whilst interspersed with laughter, relaxation, mindfulness and human touch is actually a very deep and serious therapy as it looks far deeper than most other therapies by asking and searching for what is embodied in you, what is “your story” and what are your sensations around your thoughts and experiences?

Sensorium Therapy discovers where in your body you feel your pain and then it asks what does the inner wisdom of your body and its experiences want to share with you?

It then works on bringing your story to the surface of your reality so that it can release the associated tensions so real change, enlightened awareness and therapeutic healing can occur on all levels of your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Sensorium Therapy is about transformation: from the person you think you are – to the person you really are. Healing is the journey you go on to find this. If you would like to discover who you really are, behind and beyond your conditioned sense of self then please call Zara direct on 07756 3366 06 or via her online booking form by clicking here.

Appointments are currently available Monday to Saturday, 10am until 7pm and are priced according to your individual circumstances.