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Every “body” has a story . . .


In our bodies the real truth and “story” of our past experiences remain and if we try to ignore its narrative then we end up creating a sense of disconnection between who we really are and what we have really experienced.

It only takes one negative experience to re-write over a thousand positive experiences and if our bodies hold onto all our experiences like we understand it does – then we have a lot of work to do in releasing the negativity that remains un-dealt with in our body.

Why is Sensorium Therapy so effective in releasing our negative emotions?

With Sensorium Therapy we learn how to reach into our body – the body we can sense from the inside. And unlike other therapies that try to convert or repress our emotions – we instead learn how it feels to connect with our emotions so we can learn what they are trying to share with us.

This entering rather than exiting our body is obviously a very different form of therapy to what you would usually encounter with mainstream therapies as it allows you too recognise, probably for the first time ever what the real story of your felt experiences are trying to make you be aware off.

How does connecting with our past experiences help us move on from negative thoughts and feelings?

Sensorium Therapy is based on the scientific and spiritual principle that all our life experiences are held in our body, often without our awareness, and that by connecting with our body through touch, meditation and relaxation our emotional and physical health can be restored to a more natural and flowing state of wellbeing.

Sensorium Therapy is a mind-body therapy that addresses the whole of who you are and what you have experienced. It helps you discover where in your body you are holding your unreleased experiences so that you can connect with the sensations that are residing there and release them to achieve a more balanced state of mind and body wellbeing.

Why is awareness so important in therapy?

When we are unaware of why we feel the way we do and experience random states of anxiety, hopelessness or depression, we begin to lose faith that our body and our mind will provide us with the strength and resilience we depend on to get us through life.

We begin drifting even further away from our innate sources of intuition, then somewhere down the line we realise that we are living with so many mixed messages and sensations arising from our body and mind that we have no idea where to turn too or reach out for help as we don’t even know anymore why or how, we are feeling the way we are.

We could call this state of being as living in a state of total un-awareness.

Awareness therefore is always at the core of Sensorium Therapy, as with awareness comes clarity. With clarity what has been hidden or stored away comes forth, and confusion as too why we are feeling the way we do clears. We can then see and feel our issues and sensations as they really are and in the presence of both our therapist and alone we can find new ways to navigate our way through our deepest emotions, challenges and experiences.

This journey of self-discovery can then lead us into a whole new journey of deeper awareness that has been described by many of my clients as a therapy that has completely transformed the way they relate to themselves, others and the world around them. And because Sensorium Therapy also works with the mechanical structure and physical energy of your body, you will also experience a stronger physical sense of wellbeing.

This breaking up (freeing) of our physical tensions allows a more free-flowing energy within our body to arise – which then allows a more free-flowing release of our old emotional wounds.

Who can benefit from Mind-Body Therapy?

Anyone can benefit from Sensorium Therapy as it is a holistic therapy and mindfulness process that deals with all aspects of our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. However, people who are or have suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, depression or any other kind of physical or emotional distress, disconnection from life or anxiety in their body will find great relief from this unique form of mind-body therapy.

How can I book a session and how much will it cost?

Sessions of Sensorium Therapy with Zara Cordella can be booked by clicking here or calling Zara direct on 07756 336606 and can be booked as a “one-off treatment” to see if Sensorium Therapy is for you or as a series of treatments that will help you transform all areas of your life.

Sessions usually consist of 40 minutes to one hour of deep bodywork therapy with 40 minutes to one hour of talking therapy so that you can integrate your experiences of Sensorium Therapy into a deeper and more meaningful transformation of your life.

Prices range from £38 – £48 with the cost being directly related to your current financial circumstances.

Where to Find Us.

Zara Cordella holds her Sensorium Therapy sessions within the private and peaceful Healing Centre in Whitley Bay, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. We are very easy to find and have free parking outside and around the building.

You are welcome to bring a friend or someone to support you as there is a fully equipped reception area with free tea and coffee available for those who are waiting.

If you would like to read more about Sensorium Therapy before you arrive – please go to our articles and posts pages by clicking here.

If you would like to book your appointment now then please call Zara direct on 07756 336606 or go to our online booking and payment form.

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